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Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Gain the skills to earn industry-recognized certifications

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (LPN-BSN) Program in Ramsey, New Jersey

Train for this rewarding career in as few as 30 months!

  • Study close to home at our campus in Ramsey and Hackensack
  • You may be able to graduate in less time than you think, depending on previous credits and experience

Are you ready to embark on a rewarding nursing career or elevate your current LPN or RN status? Our program emphasizes the vital role of education in shaping successful nurses. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is your gateway to expanded career opportunities and increased earning potential.

Our curriculum focuses on the core pillars of nursing education: science, mathematics, and the humanities, providing a solid foundation for effective nursing practice. Through critical thinking and data analysis, you’ll learn to deliver personalized, outcome-driven care to diverse patients across their health journey.

After completing the program, you will be eligible to take the NCLEX-RN examination to be licensed as a registered professional nurse (RN). As a student in the BSN program, you’ll study in a fully equipped hospital laboratory setting, including high-tech patient simulators that feature sophisticated vital signs such as respirations and pulse. You will also gain hands-on experience during clinical rotations at local hospitals, included as part of your schedule. Current licensed Registered Nurses will have a shortened and direct path to obtaining a BSN.

Why Train for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing?

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) offers a well-rounded education that extends beyond the essentials of nursing practice. It goes deeper, incorporating leadership, critical thinking, and research skills, preparing nurses for more extensive roles within healthcare. Many healthcare institutions now prefer or require nurses to hold a BSN because of its emphasis on evidence-based practice and advanced clinical training, ensuring higher-quality patient care and the ability to adapt to evolving healthcare demands.

Moreover, a BSN opens doors to career advancement opportunities, including leadership positions, specialized roles, and further education in nursing. It’s a foundational step that empowers nurses to make a greater impact in patient care, research, education, and policy. Ultimately, the BSN not only enhances nursing skills but also broadens career horizons, elevating the standard of care nurses can offer and positioning them for diverse and impactful roles within the healthcare system.

About Eastwick College

As you pass by classrooms, you’ll notice that they’re buzzing with activity: students are on their feet and working together, learning how to perform an echocardiogram, install an air conditioning and refrigeration unit, or assist in a simulated surgery. We haven’t done away with textbooks entirely, of course, but the emphasis is on taking the knowledge learned in those books and applying them in hands-on settings so that students are confident and capable in what they’ve learned. As a result, classrooms often look more like nursing laboratories, operating rooms, or construction zones, with students working with some of the same equipment and techniques they’ll use on the job.